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Sealed Aircraft Battery

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Model Number : 7638-44ST
Part Number : 22126
Type: Sealed
Volts : 24
Weight 87 lbs
Electrolyte: Not Needed
Capacity: 1 Hr (C1) 44
lpp: 30 Min (2C) 70
lpr: 60 sec/0 deg F (CCA) 600
Description: Aircraft Battery
TSO Authorized: No

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Notes Regarding Drawings

The data listed in this chart is intended as a suggested reference guide only. See latest revision of drawing 1516 for FAA-PMA Installation Eligibility. Some installations may vary and require airframe or battery box modification. Installations not shown on D.O.T. FAA/PMA listings will require field approval using FAA form 337 or FAA approved STC.

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